Northern Colorado Scenic Drives for Your Kia

Peak Kia North is fortunate to call Northern Colorado home. Our location in Windsor, Colorado gives us access to some of the state’s most beautiful scenic drives. Now is the time to hop in your Kia and check out what this gorgeous state we call home has to offer. Here are our top 3 scenic drives in Northern Colorado and which Kia you should enjoy them in!

Trail Ridge Road | Kia Telluride

Trail Ridge Road is not only one of the most beautiful drives in the state of Colorado, but it is also nationally recognized. This two-hour drive takes you through Rocky Mountain National Park and up to 12,183 feet in elevation making it the highest paved road in the United States. The road typically opens in late May and closes in late October. The all-new Kia Telluride is the perfect vehicle for this scenic drive. Kia Telluride is packed with features like an AWD system and three rows of seating for up to 8 passengers. It comes with high-class equipment and all the features you need for your next big adventure.

Cache la Poudre | Kia Forte

The Cache la Poudre byway links Fort Collins to North Park just west of the continental divide. However, you don’t have to drive the full 101 miles to soak in the beauty of this scenic route. The drive takes you along the Cache la Poudre River and is most notably popular in the fall to observe the changing of the colors. The Kia Forte is made for this adventure. With an available 201hp turbocharged and 7-speed dual-clutch, the Kia Forte packs in more joy per mile.

Peak to Peak | Kia Stinger

The Peak to Peak scenic byway is less than an hour drive from our location in Windsor, Colorado. You can begin in Estes Park and take the route all the way to Central City, across the peaks of the Rocky Mountains. The 55-mile drive has many attractions along the way so you can make a day of it. The sporty Kia Stinger will give this trip an extra thrill! As Kia’s first true sports sedan the Stinger was bred on the track and made for the journey. The Kia Stinger combines exhilarating sportscar performance blended with impeccable style for a truly unique gran touring sedan.

If you’re ready to go on an adventure through Northern Colorado’s scenic drives, schedule a test drive at Peak Kia North and get into one of these new Kia’s today!

5 Documents to Bring When Buying a Car

The car buying process on its own can be overwhelming, especially if you are not sure what documents you need to successfully purchase a new car. Here are the 5 documents to bring when buying a car.

Valid Driver’s License

This might go without saying, but you need to bring proof that you can legally drive the vehicle off the lot. Expired or void licenses will not work. Your driver’s license will also serve as your form of identification if you are financing the vehicle or paying via check.

Trade-In Vehicle Title

If you are trading in a vehicle, you need to prove that you are the owner of that vehicle. The title shows proof of ownership and you will also use the title to transfer ownership to the dealership so they can do what they want with it. If there is a co-signer on the title or a lien against the title, you need to make sure to get the appropriate signatures ahead of time. Call the dealership finance department or check the Colorado DMV website if you have any questions about your car title.

Trade-In Vehicle Registration

In addition to the title of your trade-in, you will also need to provide a copy of the vehicle’s registration. You must also make sure that your registration is current and that the stickers on your plate match the information on your registration.

Proof of Insurance

To drive a new car off the lot, you must provide proof that you have insurance. In the state of Colorado, proof that you were insured under your trade-in vehicle is sufficient. You will have a short grace period in which to get your insurance switched over to the new vehicle. You can also change your policy before purchasing the vehicle by calling your insurance and having them send the dealership the updated policy before you drive off the lot.


Whether you are paying with a check or plan on financing, you should have the appropriate documents with you. Pro tip: we recommend getting pre-approved for financing prior to going to the dealership. Peak Kia North offers easy online pre-approvals. Submit yours today.

At Peak Kia North, we want you to have an easy car buying experience. Our staff is committed to providing the best customer service in Northern Colorado and to help you get into your next new vehicle. Check out our new and used inventory on our website!