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S close up of a car odometer that reads 125,846 miles on the vehicle

Should I Buy a Used Truck with over 100K Miles on It?

It’s the age-old question: how much does mileage matter when buying a used truck? While mileage and age have a major effect on the value of a vehicle, they are not the only considerations to make. In this post, we will discuss why the mileage and age of a used truck matter and one other important consideration to make when looking for a used truck.

Why Mileage on a Used Truck Matters

If you’re buying a used truck, mileage will absolutely be a factor in your decision making. You can think of the odometer reading on a truck as how much life it has lived. The parts of a truck’s engine and suspension are only built to last so long, and a truck with high mileage might indicate that parts are beginning to break down.

That said, the way the truck added its miles is also important to understand. There is a difference in a truck that got most of its miles via city driving and a truck that got its miles through highway driving. City driving is harder on a truck than highway driving. Before you buy a used truck with high miles, figure out which one you’re getting.

Why Age of a Used Truck Matters

The age of a used truck is also important to consider before purchasing. In some instances, it can be more important to miles. For example, let’s say a truck is 10 years old with just 20,000 miles on it. While the mileage is appealing, you should wonder why the mileage is so low. Has the truck been sitting? Has regular maintenance been done on it? A common problem among cars and trucks that sit is oil leaks due to cracking of o-rings and other fittings that keep fluids in the engine. These will need to be checked or replaced before you purchase your used truck.

An Important Consideration

If you are looking to purchase a used truck with over 100k miles on it, an important consideration to make is how well the truck has been taken care of. It can be an older truck with high miles and also be in great shape due to regular maintenance and care by the previous owner. Our take is to not let mileage or age scare you when looking for a used truck. Consider how well the vehicle has been cared for over its lifespan.

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